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Maintenance of Sheepskin Gloves

Nov. 13, 2020

If genuine Sheepskin Gloves are to be properly kept, care should be taken not to contaminate them with acids and alkalis, as they can erode the skin. In addition, you need to pay more attention to his daily maintenance. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The specific maintenance method is similar to moccasins. Sheepskin is soft and delicate, very good, pay attention to prevent scratches, you can apply hand cream to maintain.

According to Sheepskin Glove Supplier, the most common type of leather glove is to avoid water: When exposed to water, the leather tissue expands and softens, which can distort the glove. Avoid baking: When damp, gloves should be kept in a dry, ventilated place. Let the water evaporate as quickly as possible. Do not expose to the sun or bake over fire to prevent the leather from hardening and becoming brittle. Avoid dust: When cleaning gloves, wipe the leather surface with a dry cloth and then apply maintenance oil. Avoid applying pressure: The elasticity of the leather surface of gloves will be damaged, and the appearance will also be affected. This is not only the case with leather gloves, but applies to all leather products.

Sheepskin Gloves

Sheepskin Gloves

How to clean and maintain frosted sheepskin gloves?

Lambskin Gloves are cleaned according to different washing methods, including machine washing and hand washing. According to the nature of washing, they are classified as dry cleaning and wet washing. Machine washing is mainly carried out through the leather dry washing machine, while hand washing requires the use of washing tools and washing techniques. Machine washing is usually done in a solvent called tetrachloroethylene (PTCL) and soaked in a low temperature solution. Because machine washing is limited by the conditions of many washing machines, most small and medium-sized laundries in China now use manual cleaning. The following is a brief introduction to some practical methods of manual cleaning, for reference only. Main cleaning tools: short hair brush, brown hair brush, sponge, plastic net cleaning ball, towel, cotton ball, washbasin, cleaning box, air spray, portrait air model, etc. Main cleaning materials: gasoline, methanol, tetrachloroethylene, hydroxide, detergent, liquid soap, hydrogen peroxide, sodium chloride, alum, sulfuric acid.

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