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Do You Know Sheepskin Gloves?

Nov. 05, 2020

Sheepskin gloves refer to gloves made of goatskin or sheepskin, which have the advantages of not being damaged easily, long service life, comfortable wearing, heat resistance, and good insulation performance. However, it should be noted that cleaning sheepskin gloves is more troublesome, because leather gloves cannot be cleaned with water, but must be cleaned with a special leather cleaner. In addition, sheepskin gloves require careful maintenance, including keeping them away from high temperatures, keeping them clean and storing them carefully. Let us follow Sheepskin Gloves Suppliers to learn how to clean and maintain sheepskin gloves

Can sheepskin gloves be washed?

It is forbidden to wash sheepskin gloves with water, because the leather tissue will swell and become soft when exposed to water, which will deform the gloves. If you use rough cleaners, powder cleaners or organic cleaners to clean leather gloves, they will cause varying degrees of damage to the leather

How to clean sheepskin gloves?

1.You can use a leather cleaner to wipe the outside of the Sheepskin Gloves to remove dirt, or wipe with a clean velvet cloth dipped in protein solution, which can remove dirt and make the leather shiny.

2. Stubborn stains that are difficult to wipe can be washed with diluted detergent, dehydrated and dried after washing, and then placed in a cool and ventilated place.

3. If there are toxic bacteria on the leather gloves, you can wipe them with diluted Turkish red oil to remove the mold.

4. If the inside of the sheepskin gloves is dirty, it is recommended to wash them with neutral soap one time, rinse them off, and then wrap a paper towel on the surface and air dry. After air-drying, pick up a clean eraser and dip some egg white or toothpaste to wipe the dirty area. Tip: If you are not worried about cleaning by yourself, you can also send your gloves to a professional cleaning shop for professional cleaning and maintenance.

Sheepskin Gloves

Sheepskin Gloves

How to maintain sheepskin gloves?

1.The maintenance of sheepskin gloves should be careful not to get wet, because sheepskin gloves are leather gloves. If the gloves are often soaked with water, the insulation of the gloves will decrease. If they get wet, wipe them immediately to make sure the gloves are dry.

2. In normal use, please be careful not to scratch the gloves with sharp objects. Once the sheepskin gloves are damaged, it is difficult to repair, so be careful during normal use.

3. After using sheepskin gloves, they should be placed in a dry place with low temperature. Sheepskin gloves are most afraid of high temperatures. Do not expose sheepskin gloves to the sun, let alone baking them in the oven to prevent the leather from hardening and brittle.

4. Sheepskin gloves should be kept as clean as possible to effectively extend the life of sheepskin gloves. Pay attention to the method when cleaning. When cleaning and wiping gloves, you must first wipe the dust on the leather surface with a dry cloth, and then apply maintenance oil.

5. When placing sheepskin gloves, please be careful not to let other objects overwhelm the sheepskin gloves, so as not to damage the elasticity of the leather surface of the gloves and affect the appearance.

6. When collecting sheepskin gloves, please pay attention to first apply the maintenance oil on the sheepskin gloves, and then put them in a clean storage bag to avoid being contaminated by dust.

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